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What a brilliant Children in Need Day - thank you to everyone who took part. We have now raised £376 for Children in Need ................. We also sent 52 Shoe Boxes today to the Boxes of Hope Charity, which is the most we have sent for some time. Again, thank you so much to everyone who made a box or boxes. We really appreciate your support.

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All About Pirates


Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of all.

Blackbeard was known as the most terrifying pirate in the world. Before capturing a ship, he would weave hemp into his beard and light it. This made him look very scary.

The skull and crossbones flag at the top of a pirate ship is called a Jolly Roger.

There were women pirates, too. 

Famous female pirates include Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih.

Grog was the pirate’s drink.

Grog—a mixture of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar—was the drink of choice for pirates.  

Pirates did have eye patches. 

It’s been said that one of the reasons pirates wore eye patches was to help keep one eye adjusted to night vision for seeing below deck.

They didn’t really make people walk the plank. 

Most pirates just killed people straightaway.

Pirates didn’t always bury their treasure. 

Pirate’s treasure didn’t always include gold or silver; most of it was food, cloth, and animal hides.

Each pirate ship had its own set of rules and code.

Almost every pirate ship had their own set of guidelines that all pirates had to agree to. This included how the loot would be divided, who had what chores, and what was expected of everyone. Believe it or not, one of the most common rules was no fighting onboard.


Writing Task

Write some facts about what you have learned about Pirates.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have found out, so please remember to send me a picture of your work.

Please remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly.