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Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term. We look forward to a very busy and enjoyable term, with lots of learning and exciting things taking place!

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Well done everyone you have all worked hard at writing sentences.

I really enjoyed reading about what you would do if yo were King or Queen for the day.

If you haven't yet completed your writing tasks from the previous weeks, please try to do so.


This week I'd like you to write your own story with a beginning, middle and an end.

It can be a story we all know or one that you have made up.

Please begin your story with 


Once upon a time...


Have fun and use your imagination.

Please remember to talk about your story first and then draw a picture of the beginning, the middle part and the end. This will help you with writing a sentence/sentences for each part of your story.


If you like you can design a front cover for your story.


Here you will find some "Traditional Tales" English Activities to Enjoy.

Click link below