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We hope that you all have a lovely summer holiday, hopefully with lots of sunshine!

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We have looked at the work of Paul Klee before in class, hopefully you will all remember.

This week I'd like you to have a go at creating your own 

"Castle and Sun " picture in the style of Paul Klee.




Please watch the tutorial and using either crayons, paint or felt pens have a go at one of you own.

Click the link below


Don't forget to send me photographs of your finished master pieces.


When you wrote about castles you thought about what materials they used to build their castles.

 Stone because it is strong and hard to break down.

This week I want you to think more about materials and what they are used for.


Click on the link below to watch some information videos about materials


Activity link


Video link to BBC Bitesize


Lesson What is a Material?



History Challenge

Can you make a timeline of the

British Monarchs

Click on the link 



Here are some aerial photographs taken in school do you know what they all are?

Don't forget to have a go at taking some of your own.