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Following the latest Government announcement, our school is now closed to the majority of children until after the February Half Term holiday (earliest return date is Monday 22nd February 2021). Only Critical Worker and vulnerable children will be attending school until then and all other pupils will be taught via Home/Remote Learning.

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Shaun Gardner Sports Coaching

Basketball, shooting.

This weeks PE is all about Shooting in basketball.We look at the technique and set 3 new challenges to test yourself.Enjoy.

Warm up/Exercise Pyramid Challenge. Wk 2

2 New exercises to work up and down the pyramid.enjoy.

Warm up/exercise pyramid challenge.

2 exercises, working up and down the counting pyramid... It's a tough workout but give it a go.

Basketball - Dribbling Skills

This video looks at the basics of basketball and in particular dribbling. We set challenges to test your skills. Have a go.

Thank you for watching. Stay safe.

The last video before all the kids break up. See you all in September.

Family fun Accuracy challenge

The last in the series of challenges between 'dad and lad', is all about testing your throwing accuracy. Give it a go...

Family fun challenge... Balance.

In the second round of Dad vs son family fun challenges... It's all about testing your balance.

Have a Go.

Family fun challenge. 'The Plank'

We're heading towards the end of the summer term, so we are finishing with some fun challenges that you can do with family members. Today's challenge is 'The Plank' an exercise that tests your body's core muscles... Whoever drops first loses.

Give it a go.

Warm up/exercise. Week 6.

Another exercise/warm up for you this week, however this one has been designed by Louis and Rex. Its a fun session working within their 'exercise square'.

Give it a go.

Obscure object challenge with coach Garry

Ever tried to do a Keepy puppy with a football? Whether the answer is yes or no, coach Garry shows us this fun challenge... But with a twist. Have a watch then challenge yourself to do the 'keepy uppy' challenge with an obscure object.

Stay Active. Keep Smiling.

Agility with Shaun and Garry.

This video combines technique with a bit of fitness. Shaun and Garry work through different bits of agility, with and without a ball. Give it a go... With a smile!

Warm up/exercise week 4

Another 5 new exercises for you to try. This video can be used for purely exercise or as a warm up for another 'challenge video' Have a Go.

Football: All Skills Challenge with Shaun.

In this video Shaun sets you a number of different challenges that tests all that you've learnt in the previous 3 football videos. Skills such as dribbling, ...

Warm up/exercise Week 3.

5 new exercises for you to try but this time we're incorporating a ball into all the exercises. This video can be used for purely exercise or as a warm up fo...

18th May Reactions in sport with Shaun

This video is all about reactions within sport, we're using a tennis ball in this video but it can be adapted to a number of sports. We give you a few tips a...

Warm up/exercise week 2

5 new exercises for you to try. This video can be used for purely exercise or as a warm up for another 'challenge' video. Have a Go.

Warm up Video

This video can be used for a warm up or if you just want to exercise and get the heart rate pumping. 5 different exercises to be done in 5 minutes. Give it a...

11th May Football: Shooting/finishing with Shaun.

In this video we learn the basic techniques of how to shoot at goal, as well as setting 4 different challenges to test you on your shooting skills. Give them...

4th May 2020 Football: Passing/Accuracy with Shaun.

This Video learns the basics of passing a football, as well as some testing challenges to work on your technique and accuracy. Give them a Go...

27th April 2020 Cricket: Bowling/throwing with Shaun.

This video is all about firstly learning the basics of bowling and throwing in cricket, then setting challenges to test your skills.

20th April 2020 Cricket: Fielding/Catching with Shaun.

This Video learns the basics of stopping/catching the ball at different heights. We look at the technique of how to do and set fun challenges to put them int...

13th April 2020 Football: Skills with Shaun

This video is about Football Skills with Shaun