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Please send in your decorated Easter Eggs before judging on Wednesday 31st March - we have already had some fantastic entries! School breaks up at the usual time on Thursday 1st April for the Easter holiday.

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Phase 5 Phonics

Please continue to watch the videos and practise the games on


Ash's Phonics.



Please continue to practise your tricky words.

Click on the link below to watch the video and play the games.



Please complete these activities everyday.


Continue to dictate sentences.

Ask your child to write the sentence independently, on a line and trying hard to form the letters correctly.

They will need to listen, recall, write the sentence then read it back to check it makes sense.


Practise reading and then writing these sentences.


The sheep went to town in a van.

I like to go for a run up a hill.

The snail left a trail on the path.

We like to help bake a cake.

I like to ride my bike.

Sharks swim in the sea.

Twenty goats ran from the barn today.

Three chickens got lost in the farm yard.

Seven hens went up a ladder to get to bed.





Don't forget to keep practising Phase 3 and 4 spelling games on Espresso 

Thank you


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