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Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term. We look forward to a very busy and enjoyable term, with lots of learning and exciting things taking place!

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Sounds to learn this week


e-e split digraph

Listen to Mr Thorne


Watch Espresso


Play these games



u-e split digraph

Learn with Geraldine the giraffe


Watch the Espresso video


Games to play




Continue to dictate sentences.

Ask your child to write the sentence independently, on a line and forming letters correctly.

They will need to listen, recall, write the sentence then read it back to check it makes sense.


Practise reading and then writing these sentences.


The goat went in a boat.

I like to go on the swing and then the slide.

The snail had a pink shell.

She can play the flute very well.

I like to ride my bike up hills.

The cube was green with red spots.

Dolphins can swim fast.

Ten sheep ran from the barn today.

The chicken lost her chicks in the farm yard.

It rained all day and we all got very wet.


Don't forget to keep practising Phase 3 and 4 spelling games on Espresso and reading the tricky words.

Thank you