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Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term. We look forward to a very busy and enjoyable term, with lots of learning and exciting things taking place!

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Our Nine Standards Challenge



As part of our wider school curriculum, children at KSPS undertake the "Nine Standards Challenge”. Each child in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will have a set of 9 challenges to try and meet by the end of the school year in order to earn a special “KSPS Nine Standards” badge.



The challenges involve promoting children’s self-esteem, resilience and life skills and helping them to become more confident and independent as they grow. They are arranged into 9 themes which go across all year groups. The challenges are:





Know myself



Helping at Home

Health and wellbeing

Enjoying the outdoors

Global and cultural

Year 1

Button a shirt

Grow a plant from seed

Write own name and date of birth - complete & correct

Clear litter from an area

Use a knife and fork correctly

Hoover your bedroom

Know how to apply a plaster

Walk a mile

Visit a castle

Year 2

Tie shoelaces

Observe and record (photo, sketch) wild animal in its natural habitat

Write home address and postcode -  complete and correct

Make a neighbour or vulnerable person smile (with a picture, plant etc)

Make a sandwich

Set a table for a meal

Explain how to contact emergency services: Mock Phone Call with Emergency Services stating address

Paddle in open water

Try food from a different culture

Year 3

Thread a needle

Harvest a plant you’ve grown and make something with it

Create  a fact-file about myself including height, weight, shoe size, allergies etc

Join a club outside school

Make a salad

Make your own bed

Demonstrate the recovery position

Ride a bike

Visit a museum or art gallery

Year 4

Sew a button

Improve a habitat for wild animals (eg build a bug hotel, bird/ squirrel feeder

Know home phone/ mobile number

Random act of kindness (eg donating to charity shop, carrying someone’s shopping)

Cook a simple hot meal

Fold, tidy and put away your own clothes

Explain how to deal with choking

Skim a stone

Watch live music

Year 5

Tie 3 different knots

Plant a tree

Identify personal strengths, weaknesses and goals for the future

Raise money for a charity

Cook a hot meal with two or more elements

Clear and wash dishes after a meal

Emotional/ mental health and wellbeing: demonstrate a yoga pose or a breathing technique for relaxation

Climb a mountain

Watch live sport

Year 6

Check and oil a bike and repair a puncture

Preserve or restore a local environment

Create a family tree including info about parents, grand-parents birthplace and jobs

Volunteer for charity/ community cause

Cook a two course meal

Change/wash a bed

Emotional/ mental health and wellbeing:

explain/ demonstrate a mindfulness technique

Swim in open water

Write a letter/ make contact with someone in another country