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Following the latest Government announcement, our school is now closed to the majority of children until after the February Half Term holiday (earliest return date is Monday 22nd February 2021). Only Critical Worker and vulnerable children will be attending school until then and all other pupils will be taught via Home/Remote Learning.

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Our Nine Standards Challenge



As part of our wider school curriculum, children at KSPS undertake the "Nine Standards Challenge”. Each child in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will have a set of 9 challenges to try and meet by the end of the school year in order to earn a special “KSPS Nine Standards” badge.



The challenges involve promoting children’s self-esteem, resilience and life skills and helping them to become more confident and independent as they grow. They are arranged into 9 themes which go across all year groups. The challenges are:





Know myself



Helping at Home

Health and wellbeing

Enjoying the outdoors

Global and cultural

Year 1

Button a shirt

Grow a plant from seed

Write own name and date of birth - complete & correct

Clear litter from an area

Use a knife and fork correctly

Hoover your bedroom

Know how to apply a plaster

Walk a mile

Visit a castle

Year 2

Tie shoelaces

Observe and record (photo, sketch) wild animal in its natural habitat

Write home address and postcode -  complete and correct

Make a neighbour or vulnerable person smile (with a picture, plant etc)

Make a sandwich

Set a table for a meal

Explain how to contact emergency services: Mock Phone Call with Emergency Services stating address

Paddle in open water

Try food from a different culture

Year 3

Thread a needle

Harvest a plant you’ve grown and make something with it

Create  a fact-file about myself including height, weight, shoe size, allergies etc

Join a club outside school

Make a salad

Make your own bed

Demonstrate the recovery position

Ride a bike

Visit a museum or art gallery

Year 4

Sew a button

Improve a habitat for wild animals (eg build a bug hotel, bird/ squirrel feeder

Know home phone/ mobile number

Random act of kindness (eg donating to charity shop, carrying someone’s shopping)

Cook a simple hot meal

Fold, tidy and put away your own clothes

Explain how to deal with choking

Skim a stone

Watch live music

Year 5

Tie 3 different knots

Plant a tree

Identify personal strengths, weaknesses and goals for the future

Raise money for a charity

Cook a hot meal with two or more elements

Clear and wash dishes after a meal

Emotional/ mental health and wellbeing: demonstrate a yoga pose or a breathing technique for relaxation

Climb a mountain

Watch live sport

Year 6

Check and oil a bike and repair a puncture

Preserve or restore a local environment

Create a family tree including info about parents, grand-parents birthplace and jobs

Volunteer for charity/ community cause

Cook a two course meal

Change/wash a bed

Emotional/ mental health and wellbeing:

explain/ demonstrate a mindfulness technique

Swim in open water

Write a letter/ make contact with someone in another country