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Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term. We look forward to a very busy and enjoyable term, with lots of learning and exciting things taking place!

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English - Week Beginning 28th June

Guided Reading - Quick Questions!


The children have lots of previous knowledge to build upon for this weeks topic. We will be building on their knowledge of habitats from last terms as well as their growing knowledge for microhabitats.


Use the link to explore the different habitats around the world. Play the games and complete the quizzes then explore the information on the microhabitats. What facts can you remember? Share these with people at home.


From your exploration of different habitats and microhabitats yesterday, choose your favourite habitat and find out as much information about it as you can. You can use the worksheet below to record your findings or create your own at home. 

Extra Habitat Facts


Choose one animal that lives in the habitat that you researched yesterday. Find out as much information as you can about it using the internet. There are questions to help you search on the research sheet below. Can you find out how the animal is adapted to live in that habitat? It may have thick fur to keep it warm in the snow or have webbed feet to help it swim.

Thursday and Friday 

Using all the information that you have collected over the last 3 days. Create either an animal fact file using the template below or an information poster about your animal and habitat.

Try to include some of your amazing sentences and expanded noun phrases you have been working on in class.

E.g. The cold, deserted ice caps of the North Pole is where the huge, white Polar Bear can be found.