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Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term. We look forward to a very busy and enjoyable term, with lots of learning and exciting things taking place!

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Tuesdays English - We would like you to go back to basic skills and ensure you are correctly inserting Capital letters and full stops where necessary.

This is a skill that we feel all children need to recap. We are looking for consistency throughtout thier writing. 

Wednesday's English 

Thursday's English - Coordinating conjuntions

Thursdays English 


You will find there are different worksheets on each document. There is a star in the bottom of the corner of each sheet please. The following is which one you should complete 


Miss Griffiths class 

Red  - D 

Yellow - E

Blue - E or if wanting a challenge try GD

Green GD 


Miss Thwaites Class 


Red - D

Yellow - E

Blue - E of if wanting a challenge try GD 

Green GD 



If you are unsure what group you are in then please do email us. 

Friday's English